Quality management

Securitas AG has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 norm since 1998. Within the framework of these standards our enterprise confirms that

  • we consistently focus on our clients' needs. 
  • our executives always act for the benefit of our enterprise and aim to create the best possible environment for our employees.
  • our employees on all levels are fully involved in our business processes.
  • we provide process-oriented services.
  • we employ a system-oriented management approach.
  • we consistently strive for improvement.
  • our decisions are always made in a task-oriented manner.
  • our relations to our suppliers are based on mutual benefit.

These eight quality principles are decisive for the successful operation and running of an enterprise. With our consistent quality management Securitas ensures that the needs of our clients are fulfilled and the requirements of the corresponding authorities are met, our employees' and clients' satisfaction remains our main focus and our services are continuously enhanced.

Securitas – a qualitatively safe decision

If an enterprise successfully implements the principles of quality management, it is awarded the ISO9001 certificate. For our employees and clients this means that they have decided in favour of a professional enterprise providing high quality services. The standards have been set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with headquarters in Geneva, members from 157 countries and approximately 30,000 delegates. The observation of standards is controlled by very rigorous audits. If we fulfil the requirements, we are recertified every three years.

eduQua standard

Securitas AG has been awarded the Swiss quality certificate for advanced training institutions eduQua. With this certificate we distinguish ourselves as a good institution for advanced training and oblige ourselves to ensure and further develop the quality of our training.

This certificate confirms that the training courses

  • are in line with requirements. are conducted efficiently. 
  • achieve sustainable learning success. 
  • are assessed regularly and improved continually. 
  • are transparent for clients.

Securitas AG is the only security enterprise in Switzerland to have obtained both the ISO certificate 9001:2008 for high-quality management system standards and the eduQua certificate.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Securitas AG has introduced the norm OHSAS 18001:2007 in 2013 thus having its activities assessed and certified by this management system. The enterprise thereby confirms that

  • an occupational safety (OS) and health (H) management system will be introduced, realised, maintained and continually improved.
  • the introduction of an OS & H management system to eliminate or reduce OS & H risks, which employees and other interested parties are exposed to in pursuing their activities, is planned.
  • conformity with its declared OS & H policy will be ensured.
  • conformity with the OHSAS norm will be demonstrated through self-audits as well as certification of its management system by an external organisation.
  • executives will act according to the enterprise's policy and create the best possible environment for the employees.
  • all employees will be involved in the OS & H processes. • ... process-oriented services will be provided.
  • conformity with the law will be observed and absenteeism and occupational accidents will be reduced to an absolute minimum by defined objectives within the scope of OS & H.

These eight principles are decisive for a successful OS & H policy in our enterprise. Consistent OS & H management ensures that Securitas fulfils the requirements of clients and authorities, always focuses on employee and client satisfaction and improves the quality of its services continually.

Securitas – a caring employer

An enterprise which has successfully implemented the OS & H management principles is identified by the OHSAS 18001 certificate. For our employees and clients this means that they have chosen a professional enterprise providing high-quality services conducted within a system of the highest standards for occupational and health safety.

Environmental management system

Securitas AG has been certified according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard since 2014, thereby confirming that:

  • it is aware of the environmental impact and risks of its activities. 
  • environmental contributions are systematically provided, assessed on a regular basis and continually improved.
  • it sets itself objectives in order to reduce harmful effects on the environment to a minimum. The achievement of these objectives and the effectiveness of the implemented measures are regularly monitored by the enterprise itself as well as by accredited inspection bodies.
  • it will provide resources and structures in order to raise its employees' environmental awareness and to enable them to achieve environmental objectives with the help of suitable measures.
  • it will communicate truthfully and verifiably comply with all legal and other recognised requirements of third parties.
  • it will openly and actively cooperate with the authorities and cultivate a trusting relationship with all interested parties.
  • it will inform suppliers and partners of its efforts in ecologically conscious conduct and request their support in this undertaking.

For Securitas AG environmentally conscious business operations have been a matter of course since its establishment. For many years, environmental contributions benefitting our clients have regularly been provided by ensuring that our employees have stopped wasting resources, remedied dangerous conditions and reported observations.

Securitas – an environmentally conscious enterprise

If an enterprise puts the principles of environmental management into practice it may obtain the ISO 14001 certificate. For our employees and clients this means that they have decided in favour of a professional enterprise providing high quality services with a minimum of environmental damage.

Level 1 Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB/FSEA

Since the beginning of 2016 Securitas has newly been qualified to teach the Level 1 Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB/FSEA. This qualification of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning, which is recognised throughout Switzerland, offers interested internal as well as external trainers the opportunity of completing the first level of the Swiss Federal PET Diploma for Trainers in Further Education.

The Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB/FSEA shows that Securitas attaches great importance to high-quality education. The training standards are convincing: Securitas employees are the best trained in the entire industry – and this quality basis is also very much appreciated by our clients.