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Welcome to, the job portal of Securitas AG. You are about to discover a thrilling, varied working environment full of promising prospects. We hope to arouse your interest in a job with the leading security service provider in Switzerland.

How to join Securitas:

Clarify ...

1. In which region would you like to work? Click on the desired region on the map of Switzerland and discover your opportunities.

2. Which job are you interested in? Do you fulfil the requirements?

3. General requirements:

  • minimum age 18,
  • school leaving certificate or completed apprenticeship,
  • impeccable record (no criminal charges),
  • good knowledge of the language being spoken in the working area,
  • knowledge of foreign languages,
  • physical and psychological stability,
  • you are mobile
  • you are in financially sound circumstances (no collection procedures).

4. Furthermore, do you agree to the following points?

  • I like to work on weekends,
  • ...I am prepared to do evening and night duty,
  • ...I am prepared to wear a uniform,
  • ...I am willing to learn and open to new challenges.

If the above applies to you, we look forward to your job application!

... apply ...

5. If you want to apply for a job with Securitas all open positions can be found at where you can apply online.

6. Applications via the Securitas contact form at will not be taken into consideration. The contact form is exclusively intended for information requests addressed to our enterprise.

7. You can also get personal information on our job hotline: Tel. 0800 852 500.

8. Ideally you will be invited to an interview. If this results in us being convinced by you and you being convinced by us, employment follows or test training in the case of a physically demanding operational function. There your endurance and strength will be tested.
But have no fear: You do not need to be a top athlete because your fitness – as all the other job skills, too - will improve during your employment!

9. Should an employment agreement be signed, you will automatically enter our in-house training programme.


... getting trained ...

10. Your entrance into our professional world begins with a basic training course at the Swiss Professional Security Academy (SBSS), the training academy of Securitas AG – free of charge. No matter what job, it starts with a basic training course (basic training). 10 hours of theory, e-learning and a final examination. The course will prepare you with demanding and targeted training topics for your future job.

11. If you pass the basic training course final examination, you will receive the Securitas uniform including equipment and be ready for your first assignment.

... advanced training ...

12. Depending on your suitability you can specialise after having gained some months of work experience. Would you like to work in reception services or traffic services? For this you have to attend a few short advanced training courses free of charge in order to start working in your new environment.

13. Would you like to become a dog handler, work in the control centre, be a plant security, area patrol or intervention specialist? Securitas offers you specific advanced training called „Surveillance training course“. It takes one day and includes theoretical as well as practical training and a final examination.

14. Are you more interested in public order services, property or close protection services? Then you need experience and aptitude, as well as advanced training called „Security Training Course“. It takes two days and includes theoretical as well as practical training, physical tests and final examinations.

15. After special training and some years of work experience it is possible to obtain a federally recognised professional certification. There are two professional training programmes:
a) Professional training as a security and surveillance specialist,
b) Professional training as a property and close protection specialist.

... and other career options.

16. Depending on their aptitude employees with managerial and special functions as well as completed management training (MTC) can receive service ranks. For employees paid by the month there are the following ranks: Chief of Department, Chief of Service, First Group Chief, Group Chief and Lance Corporal; for employees paid by the hour there is: Auxiliary Chief.
Employees with management potential will be offered in-house management training. They have the possibility to do advanced training for Head of Operations, Supervisor or Head of Command Sector.

Are there still any questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or call us.