We ensure Swiss quality of life, 365 days and nights of the year.

Securitas AG contributes significantly to security in Swiss daily life. 5,407,405 times security-relevant incidences were reported by our employees throughout Switzerland in 2016.

Statistics 2016

Securitas acquires a majority stake in g+m elektronik AG

Securitas Group Switzerland is taking over g+m elektronik AG in Oberbüren in the canton of St. Gallen. The enterprise in eastern Switzerland with 60 employees develops manufactures and distributes acoustic systems for evacuation purposes, as well as acoustic and clock systems. g+m elektronik AG will thus become a part of the group which has been the epitome of security since 1907 and has made a name for itself with services and system solutions in Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

g+m elektronik AG has achieved a leading position in the market of voice alarm systems and has extended its activities technologically and geographically since 1969. Today, the enterprise operates in security markets throughout Europe and the Middle East together with its subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands and many export partners.

Solution concepts for fire detection and electro-acoustic emergency alerts have been merging more frequently because every second counts in the event of a fire, its detection and subsequent evacuation. Building regulations are increasingly requiring standardised (EN54-16) voice alarm systems coupled with fire alarm systems, which has resulted in a growing demand for combined solutions.

This demand has already been met by jointly the enterprises of Securitas Group and g+m elektronik AG in the recent past. The good basis of cooperation has led to discussions with Remo Gori, the owner and managing director of g+m elektronik AG, who wants to arrange for his succession at an early stage and in a sustainable manner. It has been agreed to pursue a common goal and to combine the strengths of g+m with those of Securitas Group. Remo Gori will remain managing director and chairman of the board of g+m elektronik AG.

Thanks to the partnership with g+m, Securiton (CH/D), Hekatron Vertriebs GmbH (D), Schrack Seconet (A) as well as the numerous export partners of the alarm and security systems business unit of the Swiss Securitas Group will be able to provide a consistent, high-quality solution for voice alarms.

g+m elektronik AG and Securitas Group Switzerland are looking forward to providing security markets with cutting edge technology solutions. The Swiss group for security welcomes the clients, distribution partners and employees of g+m elektronik AG.

Securitas – Strong in Education

Securitas AG places considerable emphasis on high-quality education and further education of all employees: As of recently internal instructors have had the opportunity of completing the Level 1 Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB/FSEA, an adult education diploma which is recognised throughout Switzerland.

Since the beginning of 2016 Securitas has newly been qualified to teach the Level 1 Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB/FSEA. This qualification of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning, which is recognised throughout Switzerland, offers interested internal as well as external trainers the opportunity of completing the first level of the Swiss Federal PET Diploma for Trainers in Further Education.

The Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning SVEB/FSEA shows that Securitas attaches great importance to high-quality education. The training standards are convincing: Securitas employees are the best trained in the entire industry – and this quality basis is also very much appreciated by our clients.

Formation standards

Securitas: an important contribution to security in Switzerland.

As the uncontested leader in the Swiss private security market Securitas AG has been providing a valuable contribution to the whole of society year after year, as is shown again in our latest deployment statistics. 5,210,515 times security-relevant incidents were reported by our employees throughout Switzerland in 2015.

Our activities 2015 in figures: Statistics

Securitas 2016 – there to ensure quality of life. 

Swissbau – Leading trade fair for the construction industry

The Securitas Group is the market leader for security services and systems and has had extensive know-how in interaction between man and technology for decades. These strengths have now been pooled in a new product for integral security on construction sites. SecuriConstruct combines the proven surveillance skills of the experienced security service specialists of Securitas AG with the broad range of cutting-edge security technology of Securiton AG in an ideal concept provided by the Swiss Office for Integral Security (SBIS) – the competence centre of Securitas Group. 

Visit us at «Swissbau», Switzerland's leading trade fair for the construction industry from 12 to 16 January 2016 in Basel, at stand D06 in hall 1, and get your own impression of SecuriConstruct and the efficiency of our global solution for your branch.


Please visit us at the fair: Hall 4, stand 165

10 – 13 November 2015, Zurich

SecuriHelp – a useful app in an emergency

SecuriHelp is a free-of-charge, mobile application for use in emergencies. The app helps to guide the user in reacting quickly and appropriately to unwanted events. The tool is issued by Securitas AG and can be downloaded for iOS and Android in German and French.

SecuriHelp is intended as a supportive tool in emergencies or crisis situations. Step-by-step guides help the user to react correctly in order to help themselves and others. SecuriHelp offers rapid alarm transmission functions, provides easy-to-understand information for dealing with an emergency and helps to process the events that have happened. Personal data and information that are used in problematic situations can be stored securely and confidentially in the app.

Free app
The app has been designed by specialists in the field and is available free of charge for iOS and Android in German and French. The mobile emergency expertise on the smartphone is comprised of the well-structured topics of accident, fire, theft, intrusion, threats and first aid, plus customisable emergency call functions. Additionally, the app can also be used to refresh your knowledge of problematic situations and emergencies. SecuriHelp improves user competence and increases the possibility of reacting quickly and in the best possible way when necessary.


Securitas AG is awarded the environmental management certificate

Securitas AG had itself successfully evaluated and certified according to the Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001 at the end of December 2014. Within the framework of this internationally recognised standard the environmental management of Securitas AG will be assessed regularly and continually improved.

With the ISO 14001 certification, Securitas AG obliges itself to review its environmental policy and programme regularly in order to ensure that the environment continues to enjoy top priority. The enterprise seeks constant improvement and the realisation of ambitious environmental goals by means of a broad portfolio of measures in the years to come. For the employees and the clients of Securitas this means that they have decided in favour of a professional enterprise providing high quality services in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

In addition to the ISO 14001 certification Securitas AG has been OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001 certified and with the eduQua certification in the field of education ensures the fulfilment of its training mission according to the highest quality standards.


A historic success!

The Securitas Swiss Davis Cup Team has made Swiss tennis sports history. Under their captain Severin Lüthi, Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka, Marco Chiudinelli and Michael Lammer defeated Serbia, Kazakhstan, Italy and France in the finals thus bringing the trophy to Switzerland for the first time.

On their return home the team were welcomed enthusiastically and celebrated by thousands of fans in Lausanne – whereby Securitas ensured security.

As the final touch, the Securitas Swiss Davis Cup Team was chosen «Team of the Year» at the Credit Suisse Sports Awards on 14 December 2014 – exactly three weeks after their historic victory.

Partnership between Securitas and Swiss Tennis ensured for another three years

Securitas AG prolongs its sponsorship of Swiss Tennis and remains the security partner of the Swiss National Davis Cup and Fed Cup teams for another three years.

Since 2008 the security enterprise has been supporting the Securitas Swiss Davis Cup team; three years later the engagement was extended to the Fed Cup women's team. Now, the nationally and internationally active enterprise with headquarters in Zollikofen (BE) is renewing the partnership for another three years until the end of 2016.

"Our commitment to Swiss Tennis is far more than mere sports sponsoring", Reto Casutt, Secretary-General of the Securitas Group, explains the interest of the largest security services provider of Switzerland. "In the past six years the relationship has developed into a real partnership which comprises not only the promotion of mass and competitive sports but also security-related cooperation at tennis events."

Swiss Tennis president René Stammbach is also pleased with the contract renewal: "It is invaluable to have a partner at your side who not only supports you financially but also shares your visions."

Manor und Securitas gemeinsam für die Sicherheit

Das führende Schweizer Sicherheitsunternehmen und die grösste Warenhauskette der Schweiz kooperieren neu in Sachen Sicherheit. Ab dem 1. Januar 2014 wird Securitas ausführender Partner im Sicherheitsbereich von Manor und übernimmt im Auftrag und in Zusammenarbeit die entsprechenden Aufgaben.

Das Detailhandelsunternehmen realisiert mit der Auslagerung der immer wichtiger werdenden Aufgabenstellungen rund um das Thema Sicherheit und deren operativer Umsetzung einen qualitativen Gewinn, während für die Sicherheitsspezialisten die Zusammenarbeit den landesweiten Einsatz ihrer fachlichen Kompetenz und die Umsetzung des integralen Sicherheitsdenkens bedeutet.

Sicherheit wird grossgeschrieben

Sicherheitsfragen haben bei Manor neben dem prioritären Kerngeschäft einen hohen Stellenwert. Das Detailhandelsunternehmen pflegt seit jeher eine umsichtige Sicherheitskultur, die Kunden, Mitarbeitenden, Einrichtungen und Waren des Hauses zugutekommt. Um der komplexen und sich laufend verändernden Materie Sicherheit auch in Zukunft professionell gerecht zu werden, evaluierte Manor bei Sicherheitsspezialisten diesbezügliche Lösungsansätze. Bei Securitas überzeugten die qualitative Ausrichtung, die Philosophie, die geografisch ideale Präsenz und – mitunter sogar – kulturelle und historische Parallelen. Beide Schweizer Unternehmen sind um die vorletzte Jahrhundertwende entstanden, haben sich national stark entwickelt und sind noch heute in Familienbesitz.

Manor Mitarbeitende erhalten Arbeitsplatzangebot von Securitas

Alle 50 betroffenen Manor Mitarbeitenden im Bereich Sicherheit erhalten von der Securitas AG ein Angebot zum Übertritt. Es handelt sich dabei um Vertragsvorschläge zu mindestens gleich guten Konditionen wie in den bisherigen Arbeitsverhältnissen. Bei der Securitas AG bieten sich den Manor Sicherheitsleuten ein fachlich erweiterter Horizont, sehr gute Ausbildungs- und Entwicklungsperspektiven, Optionen zur eidgenössischen Berufsanerkennung und die Zugehörigkeit zu einem ebenso soliden, umsichtigen Unternehmen wie Manor.

Securitas and BG to launch joint product line FS&S

«FS&S» (Fire, Security & Safety) is a new brand born of a highly productive cooperative effort between BG Consulting Engineers and the Securitas Group, Switzerland’s number-one safety company.

FS&S was developed in late 2012. Its purpose is to offer customers a comprehensive approach to safety issues and provide them with a complete turnkey package of safety services: fire protection, anti-crime measures, prevention of accidents and work stoppages, etc. No effort is spared to ensure that occupants, structures, property, and operations are kept safe. FS&S is offered by both the Securitas Group and BG, in Switzerland and internationally.

The two companies, both leaders in their areas of expertise, share their knowledge and use a coordinated professional methodology, specialising in comprehensive plans and audits. One advantage of this approach is that customers have a single point of contact who is familiar with the big picture and can effectively advise them and coordinate the various specialists.

For more information about FS&S, visit the website or see the introductory brochure.

Swiss Securitas Group implements change of leadership

Samuel Spreng, head and co-owner of Securitas, has resigned from his position as Chairman of the Board on grounds of age at the annual General Meeting. As a board member he will continue to put his great experience at the disposal of the group. Hans Winzenried, the previous delegate and CEO, has been appointed the new Chairman of the Board. The new Vice-Chairman of the Board will be Dr. Claude Thomann.

Hans Winzenried was CEO and delegate of the Board of Directors for the Securitas Group until the end of 2012. At the beginning of this year he transferred his operative leadership responsibilities of the Securitas Group to Armin Berchtold. The previous Chairman of the Board Samuel Spreng had already stated before the Annual General Meeting that he would like to retire as Chairman of the Board due to age.

With the appointment of Hans Winzenried to Chairman of the Board and Dr. Claude Thomann, managing director of the Association of Employers for the Region Bern and well-known Bernese lawyer, to Vice-Chairman of the Board the transfer of responsibility, which was prepared long in advance, has been concluded. The previous Vice-Chairman of the Board, Dr. Heinz Frey, is also resigning from the Board of Directors on grounds of age. For his longstanding commitment to the enterprise he was thanked with applause at the General Meeting.

The Securitas Group, which operates out of Zollikofen/Bern, faces the increasing security and protection needs of our times with a smoothly operating symbiosis of human security activities, technical system solutions and efficient handling of alarms. The enterprise is divided into the two divisions «Security Services» and «Alarm and Security Systems». In Switzerland, Europe and beyond 12,600 employees are in the service of the numerous group companies. The Securitas Group generated a turnover of CHF 1.1 billion in 2012.

Change of management at Securitas

Armin Berchtold will take over leadership of Securitas Group Switzerland from Hans Winzenried as of 1 January 2013. The latter has been nominated as Chairman of the Administrative Board and shall replace the former chairman and grandson of the company founder Samuel Spreng.

Hans Winzenried, CEO and Delegate of the Administrative Board, will hand over leadership responsibility of Securitas Group to Armin Berchtold as of January 2013. As former COO Armin Berchtold has prepared himself intensively and purposefully for this responsible position.

The course for the necessary adjustments in the administrative board has also been set. Samuel Spreng will lay down his mandate as Chairman of the Administrative Board due to his age, but will still remain a member of the board. Hans Winzenried, longstanding CEO and Delegate of the Administrative Board, has been nominated as the new Chairman of the Administrative Board.

Sara macht’s - als Securitas!

„Sara macht’s“ ist eine Kurz-Sendung mit Sara Bachmann, einer quirligen, schlagfertigen und charmanten Moderatorin. Die Luzernerin versucht sich jede Woche in einem anderen Beruf und lässt sich dabei filmen.

Mit Charme und Körpereinsatz versucht sich Sara in der 269. Folge als Bewacherin und Diensthundeführerin bei der Securitas Regionaldirektion Olten.

Wer die TV-Ausstrahlungen verpasst hat, kann die Folge unter www.saramachts.tv im Archiv nachschauen.

Gute Unterhaltung!