ISO 14001:2004

Securitas AG has been certified according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard since 2014, thereby confirming that:

  • it is aware of the environmental impact and risks of its activities.
  • environmental contributions are systematically provided, assessed on a regular basis and continually improved.
  • it sets itself objectives in order to reduce harmful effects on the environment to a minimum. The achievement of these objectives and the effectiveness of the implemented measures are regularly monitored by the enterprise itself as well as by accredited inspection bodies.
  • it will provide resources and structures in order to raise its employees' environmental awareness and to enable them to achieve environmental objectives with the help of suitable measures.
  • it will communicate truthfully and verifiably comply with all legal and other recognised requirements of third parties.
  • it will openly and actively cooperate with the authorities and cultivate a trusting relationship with all interested parties.
  • it will inform suppliers and partners of its efforts in ecologically conscious conduct and request their support in this undertaking.

For Securitas AG environmentally conscious business operations have been a matter of course since its establishment. For many years, environmental contributions benefitting our clients have regularly been provided by ensuring that our employees have stopped wasting resources, remedied dangerous conditions and reported observations.

Securitas – an environmentally conscious enterprise

If an enterprise puts the principles of environmental management into practice it may obtain the ISO 14001 certificate. For our employees and clients this means that they have decided in favour of a professional enterprise providing high quality services with a minimum of environmental damage.


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