AMAG vehicle logistics centre

AMAG vehicle logistics is situated in Lupfig, right by the A1 between Zurich and Basel. There, the import vehicles of Switzerland's largest car importer are prepared for their further transport to the car dealers. In order to be able to keep an eye on this hub with thousands of vehicles and to protect it from vandals and thieves, the Securitas Group provides secure conditions with a customised global security solution.


All new vehicles imported by AMAG for Switzerland and Liechtenstein reach the vehicle logistics centre in Lupfig from their VW, Audi or Seat production plants by rail or lorry. Situated right by the motorway A1, the centre spreads out over an area approximately the size of 30 soccer fields. Annually, roughly 85,000 vehicles arrive from Europe and South-America in Lupfig – or approximately 350 new cars each working day. Transported by up to 5,000 rail wagons and around 3,000 lorries, the vehicles are unloaded, registered, declared and tested.


Secure thanks to man and technology
Until the processed cars are delivered to the dealers or directly picked up by customers they stay in the vehicle logistics centre in Lupfig. Simultaneously 2,500 cars can be parked on a huge parking area, a part of which is even covered with hail netting. In order to ensure comprehensive security for the large area, AMAG relies on the global security solutions and services of Securitas Group. Securitas is responsible for facility security. On their rounds at night and weekends Securitas security service specialists and canine handlers show visible presence and can rapidly intervene in an emergency. They are supported by comprehensive video surveillance provided by Securiton. Based on the analysis, the resulting conception and its implementation by the Swiss Office for Integral Security and Safety (SBIS) of Securitas an area protection solution with camera surveillance has been installed. Thermal and colour cameras together with PTZ cameras (pan, tilt, zoom) provide a comprehensive overview over the wide area extending on both sides of the motorway. The thermal cameras monitor the perimeter and trigger an alarm when someone is trespassing outside working hours. The permanently installed colour cameras are focused on neuralgic points such as access roads and area crossovers, while the PTZ cameras can be controlled to look closely at what and where the user wants. In case of an alarm this allows, for instance, the Securitas employees to get a first impression of the incident on a tablet in order to be able to subsequently initiate appropriate measures.


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