High-security zone at the WEF

Nearly 3,000 persons from politics, business, science and show business came to the 46th annual assembly of the World Economic Forums (WEF) in Davos from 20 to 23 January. In spite of the increased threat situation, the event could be held in the usual peaceful manner. Securitas made an important contribution to this.


During the preparation phase, the event days and afterwards, Securitas provided traffic, event and public order services. 30 to 70 Securitas security specialists ensured traffic safety and a controlled access situation on the premises of the Davos Congress Centre in the preparation phase from 4 to 17 January. These services were massively reinforced from 17 to 22 January, with numbers reaching 316 Securitas employees per day. Securitas employees from all over Switzerland were brought in to meet this great personnel demand. The increased control activities of the security forces of police, army, border control and Securitas was widely accepted among the WEF participants and residents and ensured that this year's WEF will be remembered as a peaceful one.


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