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The work environment at Securitas is challenging, extremely varied and unique. Our 8,000 employees are motivated and committed to ensuring a safe economic area and living space. Many join as lateral entrants or secondary earners and experience the security industry as an exciting field of activity.

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What education is required to join Securitas AG?

Minimum requirement is completed first education (completed apprenticeship, middle-school diploma) and minimum age of 18.

Am I allowed to work for you before I have completed middle school?

In this case your age is decisive. If you are older than 18, there should be no problem.

Do I need previous experience in the security branch in order to apply?

No, you don't. Securitas employees benefit from in-house training and advanced training courses free of charge.

How much does the training at Securitas AG cost?

It is free for employees. The basic training (called basic training course) is free of charge for you as well all the other advanced special training courses (in some cases you are obliged to fulfil a certain period of employment).

Where will the training take place?

The training is executed by instructors of the Swiss Professional Security Academy (SBSS), the training academy of Securitas AG. The training sessions are held regionally in various locations or centrally.

How long does training take?

You start with the basic training course (basic training). It takes 10 hours. After this you are prepared for your first assignment under the guidance of senior employees.

Do I have a salary during my training?

Yes, you do. Training hours and induction period is credited to you as working time.

Is the training federally recognised?

Basic and special training held by the Swiss Professional Security Academy (SBSS) are not federally recognised. They are based on internal guidelines which have been awarded the quality label eduQua. After two to four years you have the possibility to obtain the federally recognised certificates as a „Security and Surveillance Specialist“ and as a „Property and Close Protection Specialist“.

How can I become a bodyguard?

In order to become a close protection specialist (bodyguard) completed basic and special training, physical fitness as well as several years in service are required. Moreover, you need suitable character traits for this kind of work.

Do I have to be equally fit and healthy for all areas of activity?

Yes, you do. Basic fitness and physical health are mandatory. A lot of assignments require remaining in a standing position for long periods of time, walking considerable distances and/or coping with physically demanding situations. Fitness can be acquired during training – and is tested every year depending on the operational function.

What does the annual physical test include?

In special operational functions endurance, strength and fitness are tested. Securitas AG provides training facilities free of charge and offers group training depending on the Regional Branch.

Do you also offer jobs for physically challenged people?

Our possibilities in this area are very limited due to our kind of services. This would have to be examined in each individual case.

Are there jobs with regular working hours (weekly, 8 am to 5 pm)?

No, there aren't, except in the administrative sector of Securitas AG. Security personnel is required at times when company buildings, administrations, industrial plants are deserted, that is, in the evenings, during the night and on weekends. Of course, there are also a lot of assignments during the day or in the evenings such as events, fairs, on construction sites and in traffic services.

Do you also offer part-time jobs?

Yes, we do. Part-time jobs are advertised at Securijob.ch on a regular basis.

Am I allowed to work in my own clothes for Securitas?

No, you are not. All Securitas employees are obliged to wear the uniform provided free of charge and comply with clothing guidelines.

How much will I earn as a Securitas employee?

This varies. Workload (part-time, full time), areas of activity, educational level, premiums (night, Sunday and holiday premiums) as well as years of service will determine individual salaries. The agreed and fair conditions of employment are ruled by a collective employment agreement which has been renewed continuously for decades.


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