Careers Securitas – Event and traffic

Event services specialist

As an event services specialist you are responsible for attending to visitors at cultural, sports or economic events. This includes access control, seat assignment, lost property office and cloakroom operation.

Hospitality specialist

As a hospitality specialist you see to the well-being of guests at a great variety of events with your very smart appearance, your perfect manners and your excellent language skills.

Supervision specialist

As a supervision specialist, you ensure the safety of visitors at cultural, sports or economic events. You may also be deployed as museum, store, workshop and swimming pool guard.

Reception service specialist

As a reception service specialist, you are responsible for operations at a reception desk and the connected access control and visitor support.

Traffic service specialist

As a traffic service specialist, you conduct traffic on public and private roads and squares, often in the area of construction sites or where traffic has been re-routed.

Parking service specialist

As a parking service specialist, you ensure order on parking lots during events through coordinated assignment of parking spaces and collect any parking fees.

Rail security guard

As a rail security guard you ensure the safety of construction site personnel by warning of any approaching trains or other dangers.  

Securijob – Your application

All open positions can be found at where you can apply online.

You can also call the Securijob hotline 0800 852 500. You will be forwarded to the regional branch of your choice. 

We thank you for your interest and are looking forward to meeting you!

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