Large-scale deployment at "Sechseläuten"

In April when in Zurich thousands of costumed guilders go on a pilgrimage across the city to the Bellevue by the lake to celebrate the burning of a snowman called «Böögg», then it is «Sechseläuten». The traditional spring festival took place on 24 April this year and attracted thousands of guilders and spectators. In perfect weather close to 200 Securitas employees ensured a safe and secure festival.


Law and order in the centre of Zurich

Also for this year's realisation the organisers of the «Sechseläuten», the central committee of the guilds of Zurich, commissioned the Securitas Regional Office Zurich with numerous important security tasks. Already during the «Children's Parade» on Sunday, 23 April 2017, two heads of operations and twelve security service specialists directed the traffic around the festival area and simultaneously kept an eye on situations where people might get hurt in order to be able to intervene preventively. During the «Guilds' Parade» on Monday, 24 April 2017, deployment was massively increased. Two overall heads of operations for the areas «Parade» and «Sechseläutenplatz», eleven sector chiefs, 70 supervision service specialists, 19 traffic service specialists and 68 public order service specialists were on duty. Their assignments comprised preventing individual injury throughout the whole festival area, ensuring law and order on the Sechseläutenplatz, assisting paramedics in critical situations as well as directing the traffic around the parade. Thanks to the ideal weather, peaceful conditions and the «Böögg's» quick ending «Sechseläuten» 2017 was a great feast for guilds, spectators and Securitas without any negative incidents.


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