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Niederuzwil, September 2017 – Litterer fined
Thanks to a tip from the neighbourhood a litterer could be identified at the collection point at Marktplatz. (...). We appreciate tips from the public, the municipality writes. (...). Notwithstanding, video surveillance is to being increasingly used at public collection points. In addition, Securitas and the building authority regularly check collection points, also on weekends.
«Wiler Zeitung»
Baden, August 2017 – Key figures on the «Badenfahrt»
The «Badenfahrt» has been excellent so far (...). Now the figures on the first festival weekend are available. On Friday roughly 70,000 people attended, on Saturday there were approximately 120,000 visitors. On Sunday about 100,000 people – an especially large number of families – walked around in the city streets and along the Limmatpromenade. (...). In order to improve the situation with the promenade lift a Securitas employee has accompanied the lift during festival hours since yesterday evening. He is to ensure that the (fault-prone) lift does not jam and the doors shut properly. (...)
«Aargauer Zeitung»
Zug, July 2017 – City deploys Securitas against litterers
With talks and prevention against noise and littering: In this way the city is trying to manage the problem in public areas. For nearly two months trained Securitas employees have walked along the sea promenade of the city of Zug in the evening hours mainly on weekends and talked to people. «CIP stands for contact, information and prevention. Securitas employees are approximately the same age as the people they talk to on their rounds. This way unwanted side effects of using public space such as littering and noise disturbance should be reduced»,(...).
«Zuger Presse»
Sursee, June 2017 – App assists fight against littering & co.
For the first time the city of Sursee has published some figures on public littering, vandalism and violence. (...). Maintenance depot employees, caretakers as well as mobile youth workers now have access to an app which assists them in recording incidents of littering, property damage, spraying and violence. In combination with the reports of Securitas patrols who are on their rounds between the end March and autumn a comprehensive picture of the situation can be formed. (...).
«Surseer Woche»
Bern, May 2017 – Thefts at BEA: «Astonishingly little has happened»
At BEA, the police are on-site every day in order to prevent thefts and to secure the premises. The number of offences has been gratifyingly low despite the large crowds. Between 20,000 and 30,000 people visit BEA every day. (...). Teams of both the Cantonal Police and Securitas have been deployed to monitor the premises at the fair. (...). During daily morning briefings, various incidents related to the event are reviewed together with representatives of Bernmobil and RBS, paramedics and Securitas. (...).
«Berner Oberländer»
St. Gallen, April 2017 – We don't turn out heroes
Danilo Callegari is on duty as a security guard at Offa, and also as a night guard in the degustation halls where his tour of duty lasts until the early morning hours. (...) The night guards have to report regularly to the operations centre. (...) During Offa and Olma he found himself in situations which he could not control and which got dangerous. «In such situations we withdraw and sound the alarm.» Self protection has the highest priority. «In our multi-module training it is repeatedly been emphasised that Securitas does not turn out heroes.»
«St. Galler Tagblatt»
Arbon, March 2017 – Securitas assignment prolonged
Also this year, the city of Arbon is relying on the public-order patrols provided by the security company Securitas. (...). Based on last year's experience more funds have been approved for this than in 2016. Securitas presence has met with wide acceptance from the population reports the city council in a media release.
«Bodensee Nachrichten»
St. Moritz, February 2017 – The Man for Security
Running a major event without incident requires the presence of security forces. During the world championships Securitas agency manager Rolf Capol is responsible for them. (...). Security measures are always an important aspect of any major event. In particular, baggage controls have been tightened due to terrorist attacks on European ground. All bags are inspected at the entrance to the finish area. Measures have also been taken beyond the slopes. (...). «But there is no need to get carried away», says Capol. For him it is important not to spoil the atmosphere. «Above all the event should remain a festival of joy and sport.» (...) «Engadiner Post»
Murten, January 2017 – They’re cleaning our roads and paths
Since 13 January the team at the Murten depot has been on heightened alert both day and night. Heavy snow and unusually long periods of low temperatures are causing hazardous conditions on our roads, paths, public places and car parks. (...) During the night between 20:00 and 06:00, Securitas personnel are out on patrol and checking the temperature and driving conditions in four locations. (...) If they decide that the roads are not safe and that the temperatures give cause for concern, they alert the duty operations commander. (...) «Der Murtenbieter»
Brugg, December 2016 – Concerns about Federal Asylum Centre: It is a matter of security
The possible Federal Asylum Centre at Ländistrasse in Brugg has generated some anxiety and worries because 550 asylum seekers are to be accommodated in the event of need (...). Urs von Däniken presented the respective concept should the hall facilities become operational (...). The facilities are simple but functional. Securitas will be responsible for security – round the clock. Support personnel will be on-site during the day.
«Aargauer Zeitung Online»
Brig, November 2016 – Securitas instead of traffic lights
Road traffic at the site of roadworks between Mörel and Betten is to be controlled by Securitas employees rather than traffic lights. This is demanding work which involves more than just “stop and go”. (...) Traffic will be down to one lane for a distance of 1.6 km. (...) This will please drivers, as they will seldom have to wait more than one-two minutes to continue their journey. (...)
«Rhone Zeitung» 
Sursee, October 2016 – Police issue more than 200 fines every year
(...) The Lucerne police issue more than 200 fines for littering every year although there is no exact itemisation. «Experience has shown that people - at least the majority – dispose of their rubbish correctly in the presence of our patrols», the police writes in response to a query. Moreover, Securitas patrols, which have been deployed in Sursee during the summer months, are of great help. (...)
«Surseer Woche»
Muttenz, September 2016 – Securitas also in the neighbourhood now
It is good news for all those who have been worrying about their security because of the planned Federal Asylum Centre on the Feldreben grounds in Muttenz: the Canton and the Confederation have agreed to increase security in the area. Instead of only in the asylum centre itself, Securitas will also be patrolling the surroundings. Although they will not assume police tasks, they will have a de-escalating effect. (...)
«Basellandschaftliche Zeitung»
Chur, August 2016 – 80,000 visitors at Chur Festival
The 27th Chur Festival attracted approximately 80,000 visitors last weekend. In a mostly peaceful atmosphere and partly sunny weather the public enjoyed concerts and culinary delights for three days. (...) According to the police the security concept including entrance controls by Securitas has proven itself once again. The permanent adjustments of measures and security concepts worked very well, they write.


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