Employee achievements

November 2017 – On the trail of shoplifters
NEUCHÂTEL – An electronics shop puts its trust in the services of Securitas in order to prevent or detect shoplifting. Securitas employee A. P. proves that this trust pays off. He observes two women leaving the shop and feels that something is wrong. He asks them to show him their bags which they refuse. Neither in the women's bags nor in their car can the summoned police find any stolen goods. However, based on the observations of A. P. the police open an investigation and discover stolen goods from the electronics shop worth several thousand Swiss francs in the suspects' apartment.
October 2017 – Thank-you letter international match Liechtenstein - Israel
«I would like to thank Securitas for the very professional cooperation and the smoothly run operation. Together with partner organisations Securitas did a really great job in the Principality of Liechtenstein. As officer in charge of the escort dispositive of the Israeli national team on behalf of the police I only received positive feedback on the cooperation with Securitas AG from all participating operatives during debriefing. Together we could successfully accomplish the mission and end it unscathed.»
September 2017 – Traffic chaos prevented
BERN – At the beginning of rush hour a tram breakdown occurs on a very busy intersection which leads to a tram and traffic jam. All passengers have to get off and proceed on foot. At the same time Securitas Traffic Service specialist E. A. E. is on his way home but immediately understands the overall situation and begins to direct the jammed vehicles around the stranded trams. A few days later a thank-you letter from a motorist concerned appears in a newspaper thanking E. A. E. for his exemplary behaviour.
August 2017 – Life-saving first-aid
LAUSANNE – The two Securitas Public Order specialists J. S. and D. M. are on their rounds in a shopping centre in the early evening. J. S. gets a call from a boutique. A person has fallen ill in the shop and has lost consciousness. The two Securitas guards rush to the shop and simultaneously alert the emergency service. While D. M. gets hold of a defibrillator, J. S. prepares the unconscious person for heart massage. Thanks to the defibrillator the heart starts to beat again and shortly after the person regains consciousness. Afterwards the arriving paramedics take over and the two Securitas employees can continue their rounds. 
July 2017 – Thank-you letter from Athletissima Lausanne
«It was a wonderful celebration and the athletes presented themselves in nearly world championship form. With your assistance and your commitment you belong to the masters of this success. Once again, we are proud to have participated in this wonderful adventure – the Athletissima – together with you. It is you and your presence that motivates us to organise such an event. Thanks to your support we were able to stage this event successfully, too.»
July 2017 – Making one's presence felt, security ensured
LUCERNE – A jewellery shop in Lucerne has been relying on Securitas for long time. Two Securitas Security Service specialists are always on duty in and around the shop and keep their eyes on the bustle at the popular tourism destination. At noon on a Wednesday a man enters the shop and A. C., who is patrolling in front of the shop, knows immediately that something is wrong. He alerts his colleague D. L. and enters the shop. The two Securitas employees are easily noticeable and the apparently arrogant man leaves the shop soon after empty handed. The shop staff thank the two Securitas employees for having made their presence felt and providing them with a sense of security. It is not the first time that similar critical situations have been diffused by the presence of Securitas. 
June 2017 – Vehicle fire expertly extinguished
DELEMONT – Securitas Public Order specialist L. Z. is driving a special security vehicle for confidential data carriers on behalf of Datarec when he gets stuck in traffic. In front of him he sees a car from which smoke is rising. L. Z. takes the fire extinguisher which belongs to the lorry, locks the lorry from the outside and approaches the car. Although the fire brigade has been alerted by the car owner, the Securitas employee starts extinguishing the fire because flames are already shooting out of the engine compartment. When his own extinguisher is insufficient, he borrows another one from a lorry also stuck in the traffic jam. L. Z. succeeds in smothering the fire before the fire brigade's arrival. Due to sound theoretical and practical fire-fighting training at Securitas he knows how to extinguish a fire correctly. 
May 2017 – Fire detected
LE LOCLE – During his duty at a watch factory the Securitas Security Service specialist P. K. who is responsible for this object receives an alarm message from a fire alarm system. He rushes to the site of the alarm and notices that a machine has caught fire. He immediately informs the fire brigade and together with the security officer of the factory arranges for the evacuation of all the employees. After ten minutes the fire brigade arrives and is able to quickly bring the fire under control. 
May 2017 – Burglar duo detected
ZURICH – In his function as head of the store detective team of a large shopping centre Securitas Security Service specialist R. H. observes two women behaving suspiciously. The foreign-looking women show great interest in tools which could possibly be used for break-ins. R. H. informs the city police about his observations and follows the duo to the nearby railway station. At this point the police take over and are able to apprehend them in the act during the break-in into an apartment. 
March 2017 – Burglar encountered
LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS – The operations centre receives a burglary alarm from a supermarket during the night. Securitas Intervention specialist Y. S. rushes to the site in order to check on the alarm. On arriving there he bumps right into the burglar. Y. S. orders him to stand still and alarms the police who take the burglar into custody shortly afterwards.
March 2017 – Thank you letter from an animal lover
«Chapeau Securitas! From our animal shelter we have a good view over the parking lot of TCS, which offers parking possibilities to many of their guests during the motor show. One day, the parking lot was full and the spring sun was coming out, I watched two of their employees. They went from car to car and looked into each one in order to check whether an animal might be locked in. Exemplary professionalism. Congratulations!»
March 2017 – Thank you letter for good traffic direction
«You direct traffic at the Bernese construction site on Eigerplatz. I often cross the neighbouring intersection on my bicycle at rush hour. I noticed that your traffic service specialists are not only immediately aware of my presence but I feel like I am really being taken seriously and served well, if you can say that. Often they ask me to come forward a bit so that I can cross the intersection without problems. I could quote a number of other positive examples. A big thank you to all the men and women who supervise traffic there day in day out (partly the behaviour of road users is disastrous) and are exposed to the dangers associated with it.»
March 2017 – Open eye for dangers
SCHAFFHAUSEN – Securitas Lodge Service specialist N. N. is on her individual guarding assignment at a large pharmaceutical company. Some craftsmen ask her for permission to enter for welding work. The Securitas employee asks the craftsmen what exactly their work would involve and where it would take place. They give her the details and N. N. notices that the sprinkler system is switched off in the area of the planned welding. She points out that an additional risk assessment has to be conducted for such work if sprinkler protection is not activated. Afterwards the customer thanks Securitas for the professional overview of their employees. 
February 2017 – Thank-you letter from the Cantonal Police of the Grisons
«The Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz have ended with the men's slalom and the closing ceremony. Together with our partners, the municipal police of St. Moritz, the army, Securitas with volunteers and civil protection, we have fulfilled our assignment. Our goal to become the 'world champion' in discreet but effective performance and thus to have made a significant contribution to the great success of this major event has been achieved. This was only possible due to the tireless efforts of all participating forces.»
February 2017 – Thank-you letter from Securitas Operations Management at the Alpine World Ski Championships
«We would like, at this point, to take the opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your commitment and your spirit of compromise, your flexibility and your endurance. This assignment was anything but easy because constant plan adjustments were necessary, additional orders had to be made and sick colleagues replaced. Moreover, there was the cold, the snow and the altitude as well as overnight stays in air-raid shelters. We would also like to pass on the thanks of the local organising committee of the Alpine World Ski Championships: You did great. Again and again you motivated your teams to perform excellently, so that we can say with great satisfaction that the logistics department did a very good and harmonious job.»
February 2017 – Burglar caught red-handed
BASEL – During his inspection rounds in a shopping centre Securitas Community Patrol specialist R. W. hears suspicious sounds. On approaching the storage room which the sounds are coming from he sees several persons moving champagne bottles from a pallet to a van outside the building. He retreats and informs the police about his observations. Shortly after, the police can apprehend the culprits in the act. Afterwards the customer thanks R. W. for his professional conduct. Without his intervention the burglar would have succeeded in stealing goods valued at CHF 70,000.
January 2017 – Water damage detected
BIEL – Securitas Traffic Service specialist H. v. I. is checking parked cars on behalf of the municipality when he notices a massive water leak at a street corner. Via the operations centre he immediately informs the corresponding water provider who is able to repair the damage within a short time. Thanks to the quick intervention of Securitas employee H. v. I. more serious water damage and loss could be prevented.
December 2016 – Thank-you letter from a concerned mother
«After a heart attack my son was taken to the intensive care unit of a hospital. I would like to tell you about the receptionist and the Securitas employee present on site whose kindness and support touched me deeply. They supported me actively and were very accommodating when I, in my shock, could not find my car keys. And I was given a genuine smile by both of them! How nice! In my worries about my son I was doubly grateful for the kind assistance by these two people.»
December 2016 – Injured person taken to hospital
HORGEN – At night Securitas Community Patrol specialist F. O. drives to a villa to be checked. In the street in front of the house he notices a person lying motionless on the ground. Because a bicycle is beside the person, he assumes that there must have been an accident shortly before. F. O. sees that the elderly man must have sustained a face injury when falling. However, the man is responsive and the Securitas employee offers to accompany him to a nearby hospital. After the man is safely in the care of the emergency ward F. O. resumes his guarding rounds.
December 2016 – Thank-you letter for stress-free shopping
«Yesterday I was in the shopping centre. The rush was huge because of Black Friday, which I had forgotten all about. However, the man responsible for directing the customers to free parking spaces did his job perfectly so that I found a parking space within a short time. I quickly did my shopping and set out for home. When I drove off in my car even the gentleman giving parking directions had a smile on his face. I do not know how you do it but it is truly exemplary and should be mentioned once in a while, also to your employees.»
December 2016 – Thank-you letter from a parking-space user
«When I parked my car in the blue zone this morning, I realised that I had no parking disc with me. With a felt-tip pen I drew a picture of a parking disc on a clean paper tissue. When I returned to my car I saw that something had been stuck under the wipers. It did not turn out to be a parking ticket but a parking disc from Securitas. I would hereby like to thank you for it. It is nice to see that Securitas not only issues tickets.»


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