Employee achievements

May 2017 – Fire detected
LE LOCLE – During his duty at a watch factory the Securitas Security Service specialist P. K. who is responsible for this object receives an alarm message from a fire alarm system. He rushes to the site of the alarm and notices that a machine has caught fire. He immediately informs the fire brigade and together with the security officer of the factory arranges for the evacuation of all the employees. After ten minutes the fire brigade arrives and is able to quickly bring the fire under control. 
May 2017 – Burglar duo detected
ZURICH – In his function as head of the store detective team of a large shopping centre Securitas Security Service specialist R. H. observes two women behaving suspiciously. The foreign-looking women show great interest in tools which could possibly be used for break-ins. R. H. informs the city police about his observations and follows the duo to the nearby railway station. At this point the police take over and are able to apprehend them in the act during the break-in into an apartment. 
March 2017 – Burglar encountered
LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS – The operations centre receives a burglary alarm from a supermarket during the night. Securitas Intervention specialist Y. S. rushes to the site in order to check on the alarm. On arriving there he bumps right into the burglar. Y. S. orders him to stand still and alarms the police who take the burglar into custody shortly afterwards.
March 2017 – Thank you letter from an animal lover
«Chapeau Securitas! From our animal shelter we have a good view over the parking lot of TCS, which offers parking possibilities to many of their guests during the motor show. One day, the parking lot was full and the spring sun was coming out, I watched two of their employees. They went from car to car and looked into each one in order to check whether an animal might be locked in. Exemplary professionalism. Congratulations!»
March 2017 – Thank you letter for good traffic direction
«You direct traffic at the Bernese construction site on Eigerplatz. I often cross the neighbouring intersection on my bicycle at rush hour. I noticed that your traffic service specialists are not only immediately aware of my presence but I feel like I am really being taken seriously and served well, if you can say that. Often they ask me to come forward a bit so that I can cross the intersection without problems. I could quote a number of other positive examples. A big thank you to all the men and women who supervise traffic there day in day out (partly the behaviour of road users is disastrous) and are exposed to the dangers associated with it.»
March 2017 – Open eye for dangers
SCHAFFHAUSEN – Securitas Lodge Service specialist N. N. is on her individual guarding assignment at a large pharmaceutical company. Some craftsmen ask her for permission to enter for welding work. The Securitas employee asks the craftsmen what exactly their work would involve and where it would take place. They give her the details and N. N. notices that the sprinkler system is switched off in the area of the planned welding. She points out that an additional risk assessment has to be conducted for such work if sprinkler protection is not activated. Afterwards the customer thanks Securitas for the professional overview of their employees. 
February 2017 – Thank-you letter from the Cantonal Police of the Grisons
«The Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz have ended with the men's slalom and the closing ceremony. Together with our partners, the municipal police of St. Moritz, the army, Securitas with volunteers and civil protection, we have fulfilled our assignment. Our goal to become the 'world champion' in discreet but effective performance and thus to have made a significant contribution to the great success of this major event has been achieved. This was only possible due to the tireless efforts of all participating forces.»
February 2017 – Thank-you letter from Securitas Operations Management at the Alpine World Ski Championships
«We would like, at this point, to take the opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your commitment and your spirit of compromise, your flexibility and your endurance. This assignment was anything but easy because constant plan adjustments were necessary, additional orders had to be made and sick colleagues replaced. Moreover, there was the cold, the snow and the altitude as well as overnight stays in air-raid shelters. We would also like to pass on the thanks of the local organising committee of the Alpine World Ski Championships: You did great. Again and again you motivated your teams to perform excellently, so that we can say with great satisfaction that the logistics department did a very good and harmonious job.»
February 2017 – Burglar caught red-handed
BASEL – During his inspection rounds in a shopping centre Securitas Community Patrol specialist R. W. hears suspicious sounds. On approaching the storage room which the sounds are coming from he sees several persons moving champagne bottles from a pallet to a van outside the building. He retreats and informs the police about his observations. Shortly after, the police can apprehend the culprits in the act. Afterwards the customer thanks R. W. for his professional conduct. Without his intervention the burglar would have succeeded in stealing goods valued at CHF 70,000.
January 2017 – Water damage detected
BIEL – Securitas Traffic Service specialist H. v. I. is checking parked cars on behalf of the municipality when he notices a massive water leak at a street corner. Via the operations centre he immediately informs the corresponding water provider who is able to repair the damage within a short time. Thanks to the quick intervention of Securitas employee H. v. I. more serious water damage and loss could be prevented.
December 2016 – Thank-you letter from a concerned mother
«After a heart attack my son was taken to the intensive care unit of a hospital. I would like to tell you about the receptionist and the Securitas employee present on site whose kindness and support touched me deeply. They supported me actively and were very accommodating when I, in my shock, could not find my car keys. And I was given a genuine smile by both of them! How nice! In my worries about my son I was doubly grateful for the kind assistance by these two people.»
December 2016 – Injured person taken to hospital
HORGEN – At night Securitas Community Patrol specialist F. O. drives to a villa to be checked. In the street in front of the house he notices a person lying motionless on the ground. Because a bicycle is beside the person, he assumes that there must have been an accident shortly before. F. O. sees that the elderly man must have sustained a face injury when falling. However, the man is responsive and the Securitas employee offers to accompany him to a nearby hospital. After the man is safely in the care of the emergency ward F. O. resumes his guarding rounds.
December 2016 – Thank-you letter for stress-free shopping
«Yesterday I was in the shopping centre. The rush was huge because of Black Friday, which I had forgotten all about. However, the man responsible for directing the customers to free parking spaces did his job perfectly so that I found a parking space within a short time. I quickly did my shopping and set out for home. When I drove off in my car even the gentleman giving parking directions had a smile on his face. I do not know how you do it but it is truly exemplary and should be mentioned once in a while, also to your employees.»
December 2016 – Thank-you letter from a parking-space user
«When I parked my car in the blue zone this morning, I realised that I had no parking disc with me. With a felt-tip pen I drew a picture of a parking disc on a clean paper tissue. When I returned to my car I saw that something had been stuck under the wipers. It did not turn out to be a parking ticket but a parking disc from Securitas. I would hereby like to thank you for it. It is nice to see that Securitas not only issues tickets.»
November 2016 – Thank-you email via Securitas webmail
«Today at noon I tripped and fell near the Bourbaki panorama while trying to catch the bus. Your employee at the watch shop there took care of me immediately in a very competent manner. He called the ambulance and administered first aid together with some passers-by. Luckily only my nose was broken and there were no further complications. I would like to thank you for your help and congratulate Securitas on employing such excellent staff.»
November 2016 – Thank-you letter from SBB Travel Centre Baden
«Heartfelt thanks for sending me the Securitas messages so conscientiously. I always forward the reported deficiencies immediately to the parties concerned and try to achieve an improvement as quickly as possible. I would like to tell you that I very much appreciate the Securitas reports. They also help me keep up the pressure on the other responsible parties and press the point. So once again, many thanks for your commitment.»
November 2016 – Thank-you email from Lausanne
«I'm writing to express my thanks to your security employee at the CHUV hospital. He offered me his professional assistance in the search for one of my tools. Many thanks for his professionalism. Keep it up!»
October 2016 – Thank-you letter from the Career and Further Education Fair
«I would like to thank you once again for your support for and your efforts towards the great success of the 6th BBMW, the Basel Career and Further Education Fair 2016. The BBWM 2016 was again a big event for the city of Basel. Your assistance and your trust made a major contribution to the success of our fair. Please also convey my thanks to all the employees who supported me so excellently in ensuring security in the halls.»
October 2016 – Thank-you letter from HolidayFun Arbon
«Heartfelt thanks for your commitment to HolidayFun Arbon and your donation. It was wonderful that the children could go on security patrol with D. K. and thus had the opportunity to get to know a real-life Securitas employee.»
October 2016 – First aid administered
On his nightly patrol Securitas Community-Patrol specialist S. S. comes across an elderly man who is walking in the middle of the street. He guides the old and visibly deranged man out of danger and accompanies him to his home address. Thereby he notices that the man shows various tell-tale signs of a stroke and immediately notifies the paramedics. While he informs the man's sister and his wife, who is separated from him, by phone about the incident the man falls and suffers a laceration above his eye. Securitas S. S. attends to the wound provisionally and hands the man over to the paramedic team who has arrived in the meantime. Then he resumes his patrol.
September 2016 – Worse outcome avoided
The two Securitas Security-Service specialists I. I. and R. D. are on their rounds on behalf of the Zurich Transport Network. At the railway station they are informed by passers-by that two youths are standing at the edge of the platform with obviously suicidal intentions. The two Securitas employees react immediately and approach the youths. They talk to them and simultaneously inform the police, who arrive shortly afterwards and attend to the youths. Subsequently I. I. and R. D. resume their tour.
September 2016 – Thank-you letter from Regional Traffic Bern–Solothurn RBS
«Our centenary festivities are already history. We can look back on a great event, lots of exciting attractions and unforgettable moments. Together with RBS approximately 40,000 visitors celebrated the 100th anniversary of the railway line Solothurn-Bern. Even a 'centenary' operational disruption could not dampen the festive mood of our visitors. They played, sang and strolled across the fairgrounds in Solothurn, Jegenstorf and Bern. Together with you we made an unforgettable RBS 100th anniversary happen. On this occasion a big thank you for your support.»
September 2016 – Difficult situation mastered
The two Securitas Public-Order-Service specialists A. H. and J. D. accompany a night bus of the Municipal Transport Service. After the regular ticket control they go to the driver in order to exit at the next stop. All of a sudden they see a person, who has fallen off a bicycle, lying on the road in front of them. Immediately, the bus driver initiates an emergency braking manoeuvre in order to prevent a collision, unfortunately in vain. The body ends up under the front section of the bus. The two Securitas guards jump out of the bus at once, notify the police and the ambulance and try to get the person out from under the bus in order to administer first aid. Afterwards, Securitas A. H. goes back to the passengers and asks them to get off the bus and wait within a reasonable distance. After the injured person has been taken to hospital the two Securitas Public-Order-Service specialists inform the police about the incident. Later, they resume their tour.
August 2016 – Thank-you from Athletissima
«The Athletissima lies behind us. It was certainly an event that was dominated by heat in many ways. With your support and efforts you contributed significantly to its overall success. We are very proud of having participated together with you in this beautiful adventure called Athletissima. You and your presence give us the motivation to organise such an event.»
August 2016 – Life-saving measures
The two Securitas Public-Order-Service specialists R. G. and P. C. are on an assignment at a major event when they notice a nervous crowd gathered around an injured person. R.G. immediately realises that the person is very seriously hurt. The person has fallen suffering deep cuts to the wrist from glass shards. R. G. immediately administers first aid and applies a compression bandage in order to stop the severe bleeding. Meanwhile P. C. alarms the paramedics who arrive a few minutes later. It turns out that the injured person has lost more than 1.5 litres of blood and that the injury would have been life-threatening without immediate first aid.
August 2016 – Water damage discovered
Securitas Community-Patrol specialist S. H. is on his rounds in a 5-star hotel when he notices signs of water damage. He immediately reports this to the reception desk and they send an employee to get to the bottom of the matter. He detects a defective fire-extinguisher point and is able to turn off the water in order to prevent further damage. Shortly afterwards, the responsible architect thanks Securitas in writing for their quick reaction.
August 2016 – Thank-you from Shopping and Entertainment Centre Westside
«The visit of the Tour de France was a success for Westside. The cooperation with the police and Securitas worked out very well. In the beginning there were some minor uncertainties which could be clarified at once. Many thanks for your contribution to the event's success. Bottom line: accident-free, organised, satisfied customers: Hence, everything's fine.»
August 2016 – Thank-you from traffic police Brunnen
«The Rütli festival 2016 is already history. We would like to thank Securitas for their excellent support – everything went very smoothly. The employees did a wonderful job and integrated themselves into our concept without exception.»
July 2016 – Shoplifter caught
Securitas Guarding specialist G. A. is on his rounds in a department store when he notices a suspicious person at one of the shelves. The person is loitering in the perfume department and the Securitas guard notices the suspected thief putting several expensive perfume bottles in a bag. He immediately reports this to the police who can catch the shoplifter red-handed. Thereby, perfume bottles valued at CHF 1,800 are discovered. It turns out that the same person was stopped by a Securitas guard in Nyon on another occasion and perfume flasks valued at CHF 5,000 could be seized then.
July 2016 – Suicidal person saved
The Securitas Public-Order-Service specialists A. I. and A. B. are on their rounds in the community when they hear a passing train sounding an unusually long warning signal. They go to the platforms and discover a woman wandering on the tracks. Because the two Securitas guards expect a passing train at any moment, they grab the woman and drag her to safety. Upon inquiry the police say that the woman is probably an escaped inmate from a psychiatric clinic. Therefore, A. I. and A. B. detain the woman until the arrival of the police and afterwards continue their rounds.
June 2016 – Thank-you letter Cantonal Police Uri
«The NEAT opening ceremony is over and we can look back on a beautiful and, above all, peaceful event. The support of Securitas significantly contributed to the fact that we were able to implement our traffic concept and direct the visitors to the assigned parking spots. I am pleased to inform you that the personnel involved did a very good job. We received a great deal of praise and appreciation from various parties on their behalf and I am delighted to pass this on to them.»
June 2016 – Thank-you from Nestlé
«We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your services at the employee party on the occasion of Nestlé's 150th anniversary at the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne on 24 June. Some well-known Swiss bands performed at this summer festival and our employees could enjoy a few relaxing hours together. The party's success was also due to Securitas' professional service.»
June 2016 – First aid administered
Securitas Site-Protection specialist L. S. is on an assignment in a large company. One early afternoon she gets a call from one of the company's employees. He reports that a colleague is sitting in his car in front of the entrance complaining about severe pain in his chest and back. L. S. suspects a heart attack and immediately notifies an ambulance. Afterwards she rushes to the patient equipped with a defibrillator in case of an emergency and looks after him as well as possible. Shortly thereafter, the paramedics and an emergency physician arrive and take over treatment. L. S. resumes her work in the security centre and sends a report on the incident to the customer.
May 2016 – Thank-you letter
«We are going on holiday and request, as always, your watchful eyes, the emptying of the letter and newspaper box and the piling up of the mail somewhere in the living room. Sometimes one of us happens to be awake when one of your men is inspecting the area with a torch. From the window, we send him some well-meaning thoughts. We know that the neighbours are also pleased at their coming and watching, as it sets their minds at ease.»
May 2016 – Possible fire prevented
Securitas Community-Patrol specialist S. Y. is on his rounds when he hears an unusually loud noise. He immediately calls the client's contact person and shortly thereafter the two are looking for the source of the noise. Together they discover that the noise is coming from the computer centre of the enterprise. Heat hits their faces when they open the door. Due to a defective air conditioner the components of the server system have overheated. According to the client's statement, it would only have taken five to ten minutes more until a fire had broken out, if he had not been notified by S. Y. However, this can be prevented by giving the room a thorough airing. The client is very pleased with the Securitas guard's alertness and subsequently expresses his thanks several times.
April 2016 – Thank-you letter Messe Basel
«I would like to comment on last weekend when both the fair «Eye-Catcher» as well as the bicycle market took place – both very successfully, by the way. I find it very important to mention that the performance and the service of the alarm control centre operated by Securitas was absolutely laudable and exemplary. I was proactively kept informed about current developments; communication was excellent – and last but not least, a reason for the successful realisation of both events. Sincere compliments to the personnel on duty and heartfelt thanks for this great support.»
March 2016 – Burglar caught
Securitas Community-Patrol specialist T. D. is on his rounds. During the inspection of private premises he discovers a suspicious person who immediately takes flight. T. D. notes signs of a burglary at the house. He follows the potential culprit at a safe distance and simultaneously notifies the police. They ask the Securitas specialist to apprehend the suspected burglar taking into account self-protection and reasonableness. T. D. takes advantage of a favourable opportunity and steps into the burglar's path. The burglar surrenders and allows himself to be led away without resistance by the police shortly afterwards. Then Securitas specialist T. D. can continue his rounds.


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