Area guarding

Guarding specialists monitor a customer's property as often and in as much detail as agreed, thereby ensuring individual security. Thanks to this guarding you can avoid unpleasant incidents and damage. You have the reassurance that Securitas presence deters unwanted visitors and that we will respond promptly to irregularities round the clock. There is no better way to eliminate risks systematically than with guarding – while gaining additional benefits for your operating procedures into the bargain.

In addition to purely security-oriented tasks, Securitas also undertakes monitoring of automated production processes and out-of-hours deliveries. The benefits to you are manifold: We base our deployment scheduling on your individual security needs and draw your attention to any possible additional opportunities to minimise risks.


  • Inspection rounds inside and outside buildings
  • Checking access points, internal doors, windows, lighting, devices, machines, heating, refrigeration equipment, vehicles, warehouse stock
  • Detection, rectification or reporting of fire hazards, fire sources, liquid or gas leaks, storm damage and other irregularities
  • Professional intervention in emergencies
  • Support with operational tasks and processes such as data back-up, endurance tests, production procedures
  • Comprehensive documentation with a state-of-the-art computer evaluation system (coded control chips)


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