Operations and standby call centre

All the threads of our security services converge in the regional operations centres (OC) of Securitas – from there the intervention teams are directed, our customers' reachability ensured and orders carried out at all times. Moreover, the OCs use digital image transmission to complement their guarding assignments and offer travel security through GPS-based surveillance. Our customers benefit from centrally monitored security as well as quick and appropriate response in emergencies. In corporate, public and private security permanent reachability and operational readiness play a vital role. The operations centre is the ideal 24-hour hub and initiates rapid response in emergencies.


  • Stand-by duties: Reception of your calls round the clock - thus you are permanently reachable for your customers
  • Order service: Carrying out orders and forwarding messages at particular times
  • Control calls: Checking by telephone on the situation of professionals working alone or private individuals requiring supervision
  • Emergency calls: Receipt of emergency calls from lift cabins, underground garages, etc.
  • Remote video monitoring: Permanent or incident-related visual surveillance of objects, premises and combined access controls


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