Emergency app

SecuriHelp supports you in coping with problem or emergency situations rapidly. In critical or even life-threatening incidents SecuriHelp enables you to react appropriately and provides valuable assistance. The app contributes to overcoming the insecurity and stress of an emergency situation and to proceeding methodically. The app improves your competence to act and thus increases the chances of doing your best quickly.

The app SecuriHelp, which has been co-developed and made available free of charge by Securitas, is to help the residents of Switzerland feel even safer.


  • SecuriHelp helps you react quickly and expediently in emergency/problem situations wherever they occur
  • All personal emergency data safely stored in one location
  • Simple check lists/processes for all problem situations
  • Sound emergency know-how and audio instructions for accidents, fire, theft, burglary, threats, damages, etc.
  • Emergency buttons for various alarm applications
  • Simple and direct emergency-call functions with geo positioning
  • SecuriHelp is available free of charge for iOS and Android

The SecuriHelp app is available in German and French:

Free of charge but invaluably helpful in emergencies


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