Integral security and safety management

The security and safety of employees, customers, plants and buildings is often so multi-faceted that only coordinated measures and the utilisation of synergies achieve the goal while remaining affordable. In order to ensure maximum possible protection at a reasonable price, it is well worth consulting the Swiss Office for Integral Security and Safety (SBIS) of Securitas in all security and safety issues.
The SBIS security and safety engineers work hand-in-hand with you to draft a comprehensive concept that minimises risks while maximising security and safety goals. The identified risks and your financial resources form the decision-making basis for the security and safety measures to be implemented.
Please find more information on the SBIS website.


SBIS is part of the FS&S product line
As a result of the fruitful cooperation between SBIS (Securitas AG) and the engineering enterprise BG Engineering and Consulting the new FS&S (Fire, Security & Safety) product line was launched in June 2013. You will find further information on the FS&S website under the heading News.


  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Definition of protection goals and drafting a catalogue of measures
  • Planning, support and monitoring during the implementation of measures
  • Periodical follow-up audits and constant adaptation to risk developments


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