Protection of objects and valuables

Valuable goods require appropriate attention. Securitas tailors the property and valuables protection service to suit the potential risk and the customer’s needs. Securitas specialists – who may be armed if the situation so warrants – are on duty if a significant, immediate risk is present. Thanks to experience, intensive basic and advanced training, they provide professional protection for exposed property and valuables. Our experienced and highly qualified security service specialists are available throughout Switzerland to fulfil your assignment – with total confidentiality and discretion.


  • Property protection at exhibitions, trade fairs, auctions: Active protection – discreet or visible – against robbery, theft or vandalism
  • Property protection for companies: Protection and surveillance of confidential plant and company secrets, securities and data, especially during company events and open days
  • Protection of valuables for banks, jewellers, museums: Permanent or temporary protection assignments against external or internal threats, especially during construction and events
  • Valuables protection in transport: Escort protection when transporting goods such as works of art, jewellery, precious metals and collections which may be at risk


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