Parking service

At major events, large numbers of visitors can easily cause traffic chaos on access roads and car parks. In order to prevent this, Securitas parking service optimally organises and directs traffic and thus ensures safety and order. Through skilful direction of arriving cars access roads are kept passable and cars quickly find a parking space. The parking service directs the cars to their parking spaces and ensures optimal exploitation of parking lots. Fees can be collected directly and processed on-site by the parking service. Our employees are at the disposal of arriving visitors and event staff as points of contact and information.


  • Order on car parks during events
  • Accident and traffic jam prevention
  • Coordination of access roads
  • Traffic direction
  • Optimal exploitation of parking lots
  • Collecting and processing of parking fees
  • Points of contact and information for visitors and personnel


Contact us

Phone: +41 31 910 11 11